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Liuzhou City fully promotes the re upgrading of the construction of "global beauty"


Our reporter (reporter Li Yi) the linzhai Wetland Park, with a total investment of 800 million yuan, completed the surveying and mapping evaluation of 137 houses requisitioned and relocated in the original linzhai village in only 10 days this month. By the end of June, the demolition of the second phase project of the park will be completed and the domestic first-class standard will be benchmarked. It will be built into a new landmark of Liushi; Take out real gold and silver, carry out the action of "two search and two removal" for urban and rural environmental improvement in the whole town, and mobilize the general public to find the "golden spots" of urban management. Encourage everyone to "find faults" and find out the "spots" of the town. Each effective clue will be rewarded with 50 yuan. Three dirty "spots" will be selected every quarter, and the corresponding clues will be rewarded with another 500 yuan to remove old garbage and construction waste... On March 17, The reporter learned at the conference on further promoting the construction of "global beauty" held in Liushi Town, Yueqing city that this year, Liushi will adhere to high standards, demonstrate the global beauty first, make every effort to create beautiful highlights, deepen beautiful rectification, and make up for the beautiful shortcomings in the whole region.

This year is the first year of the 14th five year plan. Yueqing municipal Party committee and government have determined the direction of thick planting ecological background and making every effort to describe the "Fuchun Mountain Residence map" of Yueqing version of the new era“ As the largest town in Yueqing, Liushi town will firmly shoulder the mission of being the vanguard of Yueqing's development, and resolutely promote the construction of "global beauty" with a high degree of consciousness of first demonstration. " The relevant person in charge of Liushi town said that adhering to the concept that grasping the environment is grasping the development and grasping the competitiveness of the city, Liushi attached great importance to "beauty" and made a wonderful start in the whole area. At present, Liushi has been selected as the provincial model of "beautiful town", 46 "global beauty" projects have been fully completed, the built-up area has realized market-oriented cleaning, and the environmental sanitation of each village (community) has been significantly improved through the in-depth implementation of the "clean and beautiful" action and the innovation of the mode of "one about two systems, three operation and four supervision" of waste classification. Last year, Liushi also completed the investment of 115 million yuan in the "zero direct discharge area of sewage", and the shortage of sewage and waste treatment facilities is being accelerated.

In order to make the city more beautiful and people's life better, the "upgraded version" of Liushi's "global beauty" construction is mainly reflected in the high efficiency of key beauty projects. It is reported that this year, in addition to speeding up the completion and use of the high-quality demonstration project of linzhai Wetland Park, Liushi will also speed up the construction of the 1.8km connection project between Shili greenway and paiyantou greenway, so as to build a new park city scene with urban park integration and green axis series; Promote the construction of 4000 mu beautiful countryside of Oujiang Beikou bridge. It is planned to design "paddy field scenery, pastoral sightseeing, firefly Butterfly Dance Camp, happy farm landscape, art flower field landscape, rape field landscape and sunflower landscape" with the theme of "yileliu city and free countryside"; Focus on the construction of the Rural Revitalization demonstration belt of "liuxiacheng city", further seek to refine the major roads "white to black" and other major project reserves to support the construction of the whole area of Liushi in the next two years, form a list of planned construction projects, and pay attention to the planning and docking in advance.







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